Hello friends!

So this is it, I’m diving in head first.

I’ve considered making a blog for a while now to catalogue my studying adventures, planner obsessions, and general studently advice, and now I’m finally achieving it!

While my Studyblr is very successful and works well to keep me motivated, I’ve found that, with the way that Tumblr has been developing in recents months, it isn’t the best platform to share things and reach a wide audience. My personal posts tend to get bogged down by a myriad of things that I reblog with no effective archival structure for visitors to find things easily, and any how-to posts I’ve been wanting to share would eventually get lost in my queue.

So I found a better solution! Needless to say I will be keeping my studyblr as well as my Pinterest board as inspiration for my various activities, but from now on I’ll be posting here as well!

So happy studying to you all, and I hope you’ll stick around!